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One brief.
Endless Interpretations.

A biennial exhibition for artists to showcase their work with likeminded people.


The Art of Why Not.

We live our lives, determined to justify our existence. We debate choices infinitely, overthink everything, defend every move. But when do we stop and simply ask,
‘why not?’


PorqueNo, an independent biennial art exhibition

PorqueNo returned for its 6th biennial show in November 2023. We had another incredible exhibition with old friends and new. To be considered for entry in 2026 check back here regularly for updates or follow us on our socials

PorqueNo, meaning ‘Why Not’ celebrates the antithesis of justification; an opportunity to
celebrate creativity for the simple sake of doing so. Here, explanation or validation of ideas
has no place. Everything is welcome. The absence of rationale and the desire to create is
the engine that transforms the space.

In 2023 we came together again for our 6th PorqueNo exhibition.

One theme. Multiple artists. A diverse collection of interpretation.

One space that brings us together. After all, why not?

If you would like to see how PorqueNo 6 went, please follow this link.


Porqueno is proudly

sponsored by


Why BlueMelon likes to sponsor creativity

Creativity is important, not just for
those who dedicate their life to an art.

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