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Why not. - Just because. For the simple reason.

A place for artists to showcase their work with likeminded people, 1 brief endless interpretations. 


Why do we have tears, How come smiles can change someones life and why is self doubt ruling the world?

On this day, a group of artists will gather to celebrate the antithesis of justification. Why not, is a stand against our desire to explore lines, shapes, colours. It is the time of voyaging and assertion with our inner-selves that drive our passions.

Explanation or justification of our traces have no meaning. Here, just the feeling and the desire to create are the engines that transform the space.

Everything is welcome, we are extreme defenders of freedom from style, the absence of explanation and the pleasure that entertains the senses.

After all, why not?

Stay tuned for artist interviews and updates closer to the event.


The Rules

All artists get given the same list of things they need to represent (they all have to represent the same things), but it is up to the artist’s interpretation to approach the subject in their own way, there are no rules as how you can/want to approach the subject matter. 

For the past ten years, PorqueNo has given people a creative outlet to express themselves through art, design and photography. Each year, a theme is selected for the artists to represent in their own unique way.

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Porqueno is proudly sponsored by BlueMelon since it's inception in 2013

Who is BlueMelon?

BlueMelon craft beautiful communications that speak to the hearts of people and solve their problems in a creative way. Harnessing the power of content, digital, brand and customer experiences to forge powerful connections with humans. At BlueMelon, content matters, brand matters, experiences matter and above all; humans matter.

Each year we take pleasure in supporting art projects like Porqué No. We find in the commercial creative space creatives can become quite restricted on what creative skills and talents can really be exercised, beyond briefs, opinions and targets.


Contact Us

Level 1, 11 The Corso Manly NSW Australia | +61 2 9977 7686 

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