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This exhibition is sponsored by BlueMelon

promoting the idea of creation without justification. 



Celebrating the beauty of Sydneys famous architecture

GAFFA GALLERY | 281 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000



6PM - 9PM

We are a young city here in Sydney but we do still have quite a few iconic buildings to boast about. This year the talented Porqueno artists are taking on a collection of some of Sydneys most iconic buildings to re-create in their own individual ways.


Opera House

Art Gallery of NSW

The Observatory

St Mary's Cathedral

Central Station

Town Hall



A very varied collection of artists ranging from photographers, illustrators, sculptures and painters. We proudly introduce to you this years Porquenos artists...

Paulo Guti

Media: Ply on Paper

Paulo is one of those individual visual artists that spends most of his time trying 
to figure out what, how & when the next story should be created. His inspiration is driven by moments, techniques, emotions and situations that help create a narrative. A simple storyteller that uses monochromatic compositions to create emotions.

Juan Porqueno4.jpeg
Michael Scanu

Media: Digital Print

I have always searched for meaning and inspiration in nature and in the comings and goings of my surroundings. Digital design has allowed me to expand into new areas of creative scope, one which blends the soul with the machine.Whether it be through words, paint, pen, ink, paper, screen or lens, the creative outcome evokes a journey. 

Jacs Wallace

Media: Illustration

Simple, friendly, dreamlike and inspiring are probably the best words to describe Jacs creations. Through the usage of line, ink and an incredible perception of the world, her illustrations manifest curiosity with familiar structures built on unstably engineered foundations.

Chloé Darmigny

Media: Acylic on Canvas

With a clever combination of textures, patterns and warm tones, French born 
artist Chloé Darmigny brings great depth to her artworks. Her natural attraction 
to the ‘bohemian’ world is represented throughout. Chloé uses subtle symbols 
to express mystical ideas, art is her poetic way to communicate.

Chloe Porqueno 4a.jpeg
Tim Christinat

Media: Acylic on Canvas

Tim Christinat is a Sydney based designer and artist working all over the nation on many creative initiatives! He began drawing at a very young age, and began painting in 2011 completing one of his all time favourite pieces ‘Marcel’ a tribute to his Grandfather which now graces the wall of his living room.

Tim Porqueno 4a.png
Vicki Inglis

Media: Pen & Ink on Paper

Vicki is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Bath, UK, based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Her drawings are influenced by the natural world, often using fauna and flora to form organic illustrations. She is most comfortable working on a small scale with fine nibs that allow for intricate details to evolve and flow freely.

Liam Odonnell

Media: Print on Matte

A multi-award winning photographer, he’s busy juggling professionalism and play time with a two year old, while chasing epic sunrise and sunsets across Sydney. Vivid Escapes photographer Liam captures the flavours, aromas and textures of the beers and translates them visually as colours in this landscape series

Leanne Tomkins

Media: Mixed 

Following her desire to forget about thinking and find the flow of creating without judgement, Leanne’s art often takes unexpected turns on the journey from blank page to completed work. Leanne looks for the sublime in the ordinary, and is interested in what goes on in the spaces between opposing forces -

Olivia Jones

Media: Charcoal on paper 

 Olivia’s core artistic expression and she revels in being able to put tool to paper wherever she is to bring her art to life. Learning from a young age and through 
years of experimenting, she especially grew to love the art forms of charcoal and watercolour and ignites intrigue in people with the detailed, life-like and delicate construction of her practice.


Media: Ink on paper 

Sometimes there’s an artist, he fits in there somewhere amongst the eccentric ones, whose works are fuelled rampage interpretations of the mundane with lots of irrational thinking. All this blended with some unusual English and an 80’s mentality. Sometimes there’s an artist… and your shall purchase his works.

Liz Finnigan

Media: Digital on Via Felt  

Inspired by her surroundings and typically begins in a local cafe or perched on the rocks by the sea. She has a knack for conveying balance and serenity, paired with a casual and approachable style. Liz also has an intuitive eye for placement and negative space - her work is elegant, classic and minimalist, with every line and object considered and essential.

Goya Torres

Media: Mixed  

Goya Torres is a visual/street-artist and muralist originally from Mexico. Her practice moves towards blurring the separation line between fine arts, street-art and illustration in order to develop a visual contemporary language that encapsulates reality nowadays.

Jean-Paul Faint

Media: Mixed  

a Sydney based graphic designer and creative who has always been fascinated with print and digital media. While he is passionate working within the digital realm Jean-Paul loves using anything analog to create in physical space. More recently he has gravitated towards working with various fabrics, wood and paper. 



This exhibition is sponsored by BlueMelon

promoting the idea of creation without justification. 

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