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PORQUÉNO biennial returns to Sydney - entries are now closed

With an overwhelming amount of talented applicants for the exhibition we would like to thank all of the artists that took the time to apply. Watch this space as the final lineup will be announced soon!

The 6th biennial PORQUÉNO will take place 15-22 November 2023

at 107 Projects Redfern

Opening night:
15 November 2023

Tickets released in October 2023


PORQUÉNO celebrates the boundless potential of creativity by embracing the open-minded attitude of ‘why not’. We explore the power of free expression through the daring and experimental work of our artists to take us out of our comfort zones and see the world in a new light.

It’s an immersive experience without rules or conventions. We present artists with a new theme each event to interpret how they see fit. Imagination and boldness reign, paving the way for fresh, new ideas inspired by the burning issues of our time.


This year's theme - 2023

The theme for PORQUÉNO SIX in 2023 is sustainability. We’re turning the artist's lens on the rapid changes happening around the globe and a sense of urgency around our future.

We’d like to imagine a world where sustainability is the baseline for how humans live on the planet. That we come together to give back more than we take, that we see ourselves as part of nature, not above or separate from it. We believe through art we can create space for an explorative conversation around nature, conservation, climate, renewables, waste, pollution and our future on this planet. We want to use our creative minds and invite others to think ahead and determine how we may be living our lives in the decades to come.

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PORQUÉNO is proudly sponsored by


Why BlueMelon likes to sponsor creativity

Creativity is important, not just for
those who dedicate their life to an art.

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